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recent Ubuntu pro client update


I've been following this thread on the Mint forum but it's gone off track like they usualy do there. Recent updates have added an opt-in for pro on my Linux Lite 6.6.

--- Code: --- trinidad  ~  pro status --all
anbox-cloud      yes        Scalable Android in the cloud
cc-eal           no         Common Criteria EAL2 Provisioning Packages
esm-apps         yes        Expanded Security Maintenance for Applications
esm-infra        yes        Expanded Security Maintenance for Infrastructure
fips             no         NIST-certified FIPS crypto packages
fips-preview     yes        Preview of FIPS crypto packages undergoing certification with NIST
fips-updates     yes        FIPS compliant crypto packages with stable security updates
landscape        no         Management and administration tool for Ubuntu
livepatch        yes        Canonical Livepatch service
realtime-kernel  yes        Ubuntu kernel with PREEMPT_RT patches integrated
ros              no         Security Updates for the Robot Operating System
ros-updates      no         All Updates for the Robot Operating System
usg              yes        Security compliance and audit tools

This machine is not attached to an Ubuntu Pro subscription.
--- End code ---

I've found this recent post.

--- Quote ---Previously Ubuntu did not provide security patches for "Universe" repo packages (instead relying on upstream patches to happen when they happen). The Ubuntu security team are now producing in-house security patches for these packages, but only where Pro has been opted into (which is free for personal use).
--- End quote ---
Will opting into pro cause any issues with my system i/e live kernel patches etc?


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