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Logon Loop after last update

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Von Kirkus:
My fix was to boot from a LL install USB stick and run Live. Then using the partitioning tool, I was able to shrink a 3rd "38GB" empty partition that I had to "10GB" and then expand the "90GB" Linux bootable partition that had filled to capacity and was bootlooped to a resized "118GB" partition. Then I used the Restore System program to get to a recent timeshift file and run it. Then shutdown, when prompted, removed the install USB, crossed my fingers and rebooted(not sure that helped, but it did reboot  :shrug :49: :027:) Back in LL all my files were still intact, ran a new timeshift file, then installed updates. Back in business. However, the 10GB partition that is now created doesn't have read/write permissions. How do I get that partition available for use if I wanted to put some files in that space? Thanks for all the great help and input. Link to partition info screenshot:

Update: Since I had no data in the partition, I used the built in "Disks" program in Lite to remove the partition and then add it back and the program fixed the problem.


--- Code: ---df -h
--- End code ---
Will show file system space statistics. Look at the 'Used' and 'Available' numbers on the line with just '/' under 'Mounted on'.

If 'Available' is near zero then you do need to clear some space.
Unless you have a lot of personal data you can safely delete, one way to free some space may be by removing archive files left over from previous updates  by running the following commands.

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get clean
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get autoclean
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get autoremove
--- End code ---

Run 'df -h' again check free space and maybe try 'startx' again and see what happens.

If it works you need to check what state the system is in.  You may need to consider the size of the Linux partition.  If disk space is tight, using LiteTweaks to clear the caches regularly can preempt running out of space, but if you also want to save a lot of video data then you might need to change things.

Von Kirkus:

ok, this is what I get when I run startx  Will see if I can clean up some space. I added soem video files from a trip I took I was wanting to edit and make a presentation. Hope I haven't lost those.

Your disk usage is at 100%. The update filled your drive and startup can't complete, thus the loop. Use the tools in the boot menu to free up some space. I've had to do it and it is annoying. I'm on here today to try to figure out why a "Lite" install has used all of my disk and what to do about it.

Von Kirkus:
Well, the goofyness, other than myself  :022: is that it took multiple attempts with the password to finally get the terminal window to run? Keyboard works flawless in Windows when I boot over to that OS. This SSD I'm afraid has become corrupted some how in a critical area. I haven't had time to troubleshoot the last few days. I have printed off your commands and will give it a whirl and let you know what I find. Thanks for all your help!


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