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Latest Updates disables video in You Tube in Chrome

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Hi Trinidad

Ive had the Blank New Tab Page installed since I first installed Chrome some years ago because I don't like fussy screen displays (I hate icons on the desktop also) and
 it has never caused me any issues to date - but many thanks for your suggestion.

Could just be this extension: Blank New Tab Page : version 1_2  Try disabling it before trying other options like disabling hardware acceleration.TC

Hi Steve

After googling the white screen issue I cam across this link and followed it's instructions to turn off Hardware Acceleration within Chrome and having done so this seems to have fixed my problem

However, after hastily marking my issue as solved yesterday, only for it to reappear - I will wait 24 hours before re-marking it as "SOLVED" this time

Hi Steve

I'm happy for you to merge my 2 threads as you  have suggested and unmarking SOLVED. As I am not the only one experiencing this issue, one can only hope that it is related in some way to one of the 2 updates issued yesterday and that a further update will be issued to correct the problem.

Apologies for not being entirely accurate on this point in my earlier post. You are correct that Firefox was the browser packaged with LL5 series however, Chrome was included in "Lite Software" options (in place of Chromium which had been the option in LL3 series that I had used previously)  and I installed it from there. 

Thank you, I was struggling to think how Lite Tweaks could be causing the symptom.
If you are certain that Lite Tweaks is not contributing, I'll look at merging your two threads and unmarking SOLVED. With your permission, I'll try to tidy up the coding and size tagging on your posts.

One thing still confusing me.

--- Quote ---Linux Lite 5.8
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Chrome was installed by default when I installed LL
--- End quote ---
Are you sure about this ?  I'm really curious because as far as I am aware, Firefox was the browser packaged with all Linux Lite versions from 1.0.0 to 5.8.  Chrome was selected and packaged into Linux Lite from version 6.0 onwards so I think a 5.8 system must have had chrome added by some method.

Edit - two similar threads merged and posts edited for readability and topic consistency.


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