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Noobslab PPA Updates error


Remove the noobslab PPA -

Install Updates Error log
Install Updates could not fetch the package cache information lists.
Go to and paste the log below into a new or existing thread for assistance.

============ Log ===========

Пол:1 jammy-security InRelease [110 kB]
Сущ:2 jammy InRelease
Сущ:3 fluorite InRelease
Сущ:4 precise InRelease
Сущ:5 stable InRelease
Сущ:6 stable InRelease
Сущ:7 jammy InRelease
Пол:8 jammy-updates InRelease [114 kB]
Сущ:9 jammy InRelease
Сущ:10 stable InRelease
Игн:11 jammy InRelease
Пол:12 jammy-backports InRelease [99,8 kB]
Ошб:13 jammy Release
  404  Not Found [IP: 443]
Чтение списков пакетов…
E: Репозиторий « jammy Release» не содержит файла Release.
W: Key is stored in legacy trusted.gpg keyring (/etc/apt/trusted.gpg), see the DEPRECATION section in apt-key( 8) for details.


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