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For those who may experience some issues/problems while performing/wanting to update & upgrade Linux Lite, here are a few, just a few, of the many, many posts you can find right here on the forum which most have been solved and the solution is already there, so you can try reading those first and see if any provide you with a solution, if they don't, feel free to post your problem and we'll gladly try to help you. :)

Here are the links to some of those many, many posts and again, most provide a solution so hopefully, one will work for you:'install-updates'-is-no-longer-functioning/msg53575/?topicseen#msg53575'linux-lite-cannot-check-for-updates'/msg53573/?topicseen#msg53573

External Links

In the event that any of the posts above didn't provide you with a solution for your particular issue,  maybe one of the following links does:,stuck%20with%20the%20update%20error.&text=Uncheck%20the%20box%20to%20remove,updated%20when%20you%20do%20that.

Also, Linux Lite's not a rolling-release distro nor is Ubuntu so don't expect updates to come every week, every day.


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