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UEFI boot with LL 6.0


Ok, got it working finally.  :045:

Here's what I think happened:

After installing LL from DVD, I selected to restart the system when prompted.  It started shutdown and the DVD tray opened as I expected.  Then it froze and didn't complete shutdown.  I had to power-off to get it to reboot.  I think something went wrong at that step since then when booting, it would stop at the blinking cursor.  Watching the boot messages it had an error with checksum on the casper image or something.  I think the install didn't finish right.

A point to note is that this happened twice so it wasn't a one time thing.  I think the install script had a problem with my system for some reason.

The way I got it to work was at the point when the install was done and it prompted to restart the system, I opened a terminal and issued "shutdown now".  After doing that the DVD tray opened *and* the screen didn't freeze. It cleared and printed the normal instruction "remove installation media the press ENTER" or something similar.  After removing the DVD and pressing enter the system shutdown normally.

After that I was able to set the boot for the UEFI: ubuntu and LL started up fine.

Hi, yes, I did change the boot order to load ubuntu in the uefi setup screen and it starts to load LL then stops at a blinking cursor.

In fact, I tried every boot order/option that was there one at a time.  Nothing works.

The only way at the moment to boot LL is to call the boot menu with F11 at poweron and select ubuntu option there.  Then LL boots ok.



It can, Windows boot manager is still the default...
Some bios are different...
Go into the bios(F2 or So) at boot and change the boot order to Ubuntu.

I installed LL 6.0 on an old machine via DVD.  Apparently this mobo uses UEFI which I haven't used before.

After the install was done, booting the machine doesn't automatically start LL.  It just stops with a blinking cursor.  No other OS on the machine.

If I press F11 at boot for the boot menu, it doesn't show the grub menu I am used to but there is an option to boot Ubuntu.  If I select this, then LL will boot ok.

So my questions are why doesn't LL start automatically and how can I get the grub menu to display automatically at boot with this UEFI stuff?


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