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UEFI boot for Linux lite 5.0 RC1


Sorry for replying to an old thread, but just to add if someone is looking to install LL on a ChromeOS machine, especially if Google has stopped updating it.  I installed LL 5.8 on an old Dell Chromebox that had Mr Chromebox's UEFI firmware installed, replacing GalliumOS now with LL 5.8. I changed out the original 16GB M.2 drive for a 128GB M.2 and installed LL 5.8 and everything is humming along quite nicely.

So for me and this old Dell, 5.8 works just fine with UEFI and switching out M.2 drives makes a sweet little HTPC/media client.

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[...] Everything looks great and is working well. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I downloaded the distro to my windows 10 machine and then used Universal USB Installer to put it on my usb. That worked when I put the Linux Lite 4.2 UEFI download on a usb. *BUT, I can download Linux-Lite 5.0 RC1 on my Chromebook that has Linux Lite and put it on a usb there. Do you think that would work better? I actually have used my Chromebook with Linux Lite, downloaded a Puppy Linux distro, and put it on a usb using commands in the terminal. Would that work or maybe use the "Disk" app to put it on a usb?

*UPDATE April 30th*

OMG! It worked! I downloaded the Linux-Lite 5.0 RC1 iso to my Chromebook that has Linux-Lite 4.8 and used this guy's instructions below, to put it on a usb via the terminal. I replaced my info for his in his example:

The iso booted up nicely and I installed it over 4.8. It's beautiful! I downloaded Google Chrome from "Lite Software". It works beautiful. I went online and downloaded Minecraft. It downloaded nicely using GDEB. I'm pleased to see Gimp and VLC already installed. Everything looks great and is working well. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did you burn the ISO to your USB, what software did you use?

I've been on here before requesting a UEFI boot for the new upcoming LTS 5.0 linux lite. You say the trial Linux lite 5.0 RC1 has a UEFI boot. I just downloaded it on a usb to try it out on my Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571 that I had changed its bios firmware to clean install linux to. I have downloaded Linux Lite UEFI 4.2 and updated to 4.8 on my Chromebook. It is working well. I can't get this new trial Linux Lite 5.0 RC1 to boot. It just goes to "grub" screen saying something about tabbing to find commands. I can put the usb in another computer and see the files of the download. Is there something I'm supposed to do to make the UEFI boot work? Kind of a dummy here. Karen :)


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