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Secure Boot is more Slow in Kernel 6.6 than in Windows 10


Carlos Bernardino:

--- Quote from: Jerry on October 26, 2023, 03:37:48 AM ---15 minutes to open Chrome???

Also this for slow boots (possibly)

--- End quote ---


Sorry but I can't post directly as an answer or quote on the right forums because when I load the post button, this forum or the web page, it will always be redirected to Cloudflare, not even clicking to see if I am robot or not, making the steps all automatic and showing me again the section where I wrote but nothing written in the forum, that is, redirects me to the zone where I wrote the post but this time without anything written in the box to make messages . I do not know what to do!

I ask for a help to some moderator who puts me this post in the topic "Secure Boot is More Slow in Kernel 6.6 Than in Windows 10", please. Thanks.

EDIT: Ok, in another browser it worked to put the message here, but in Google Chrome it didn't work!

Copying and sticking here is the answer:

My mother tells me that she can wait for the minute by starting the Linux Lite Boot 6.6 because what interests you is that applications like Google Chrome or Edge open you quickly as they open in Linux Lite 6.6.

In Windows 10, she had to be waiting for the Windows 10 boot and another 10 to 15 minutes to open Google Chrome with multiple middle brakes. With antiviruses of a premium suite or just with Windows Defender was practically the same thing.

I haven't tried this correction for Boot Time yet to be faster as Jerry made me available or Stevef but I will get there.

Bluetooth the laptop does not have. When I noticed that the Linux Lite 6.6 boot started to slow down when I installed Clam AV and after the antivirus test was performed.

The laptop is from 2013, from the first to second boot, but not with Windows 8.1 the laptop was fast, this with the premium suite installed because it would not risk having Windows Defender from Windows 8.1 installed by no longer having updates to Windows Defend from Windows 8.1 through Windows Update.

Even with a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Refresh Install, the time loading applications like Google Chrome was worrying, with all Windows 10 updates installed until last day!

We prefer the Linux Lite 6.6 operating system because it works quickly with what my mother wants, which is simply to see e-mail and Facebook.


15 minutes to open Chrome???

Also this for slow boots (possibly)

Slow boot time is discussed here.

After determining how the boot time is used, it may be possible to reduce it a little.

The current recommendation is for secure boot to be disabled before installing Linux Lite.

Carlos Bernardino:
 Hello guys, how are you?

I only want to inform you that my Linux Lite 6.6 is very slow when booting. Compared with Windows 10, the time that I must wait is more or less double the time compared with Windows 10.

But the apps are quicker in Linux Lite 6.6 than in Windows 10! In Windows 10 it was really very slow or 10x of time!

I only want to give my feedback about this situation with the Secure Boot and know if this is happening with anyone here!

This Linux Lite 6.6 is used every day by my mother and is now adapted to Linux Lite 6.6 because Windows 10 was very slow, taking 15 minutes to open the browser Google Chrome.

In conclusion, I'm very satisfied with this Linux Lite 6.6 and my mother too!

Congratulations to the people who do this distribution!

Thank you very much!

Best Regards!


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