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RE: Imac 2006 Booted LinuxLiteOS


Jesse R Bassett:
I figured it out. Basically I needed to install a program called REFIND and add it to my Mac for it to boot right up. I will mark this as solved.

@Jesse R Bassett

Not much of MAC guy... But with Windows BIOS/UEFI - you can select the boot order.. Is there something in MAC side?

I did find this...
10.14 but has options for others....

If you don't press it, do you have a "?" of something else?

Jesse R Bassett:
Hello all,
I have an my iMac 2006 works fine with LinuxLiteOS. Problem is whenever I boot it up I need to press ALT to get to the EFI boot option. Is there an easier workaround this problem? I would like to just bootup the Imac and load LinuxLiteOS.


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