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I have not tried Windows 11 in gnome boxes yet but I have a friend who has had good luck with it. See the link below:


@Kevin Perez

Install VirtualBox then install Windows - Its all via the GUI, pretty straight forward...

BUT... and Not sure what C++ you've tried...

1) There is a Linux version of Visual Studio (code)

2) Geany is another IDE editor - found/installable from Lite Software

3) Atom - another IDE editor similar to VS - -

I use Atom mostly but I do also from time to time use Geany...

Kevin Perez:
Hey there everyone.

I have installed Linux Lite on my computer. Thanks to having difficulty getting a c++ compiler to work on this computer, I wish to be able to use Windows 10. Ideally, I would not need to dual boot, because I can merely run a virtual box with Windows 10 installed.

What would you recommend I do to make this happen? Yes, my plan after it is installed, I would then run Microsoft's Visual Studio, because, unlike the two c++ compilers, this software actually works right out of the box.



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