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Title: Tips For Using The Samba And Remmina Setup, Adding Double Commander to LL
Post by: trinidad on August 27, 2016, 12:37:54 PM
Tips For Using The Samba And Remmina rdp Setup, Adding Double Commander to Linux Lite

          Today I am going to briefly reiterate setting up Samba to have administrative access to your Windows 10 home computer from Linux Lite, as I realized I never really completely posted on the subject. Basically follow the Linux Lite help manual exactly, and go ahead and add a share folder, which we can use for later setups, but won’t need for this setup. Make workgroup = Homegroup. *Make sure the administrative account you intend to use on your Windows 10 box is added to homegroup. Make sure to allow network discovery and all file sharing in Windows 10 homegroup in the private network tab.
          If you have all that done, (check back through the rdp tutorial for share settings in windows) when you open Thunar for the first time, click the >Browse Network tab on the lower left panel. Do not click the >Windows Network icon. Backspace out the address bar instead, and type in smb:// “the IP address of your Windows 10 computer”, and hit enter. When prompted for the user name and password, backspace out your Linux Lite samba user name, and type in the administrative account user name on your windows 10 computer that you previously added to homegroup. Leave homegroup listed as is and add the password and hit enter. Select >Users from the files that appear, and repeat the same process as above when prompted for user name and password hitting enter again. Open the user name that matches the one you logged in as. All your windows files should be there now. If this doesn’t work review the Windows 10 setup, (check back through the rdp tutorial for share settings in windows).

Installing Double Commander in Linux Lite

          Open Synaptic in Linux Lite >Menu>System>Install and Remove Software. Set to >All in the left menu. Type “double commander” in the search box. Mark the GTK2 double commander package for installation. Agree to mark the dependencies. Click >Apply from the upper menu bar, and double commander will install. Log out and reboot your computer.

          Open Thunar as above loading your Windows files. Close Thunar leaving the Windows drive mounted. Open your Windows 10 remote desktop with Remmina. Open its Double Commander setting the left pane to drive C: and the right pane to drive L:. Now open Double Commander on a second desktop in Linux Lite so you can switch back and forth. Be patient it may take ten seconds or so to load the first time. Set the left hand pane to your home directory, the second symbol to the left of the little arrow in the upper right of the pane “~”. In the right pane click >gvfs. Click the directory entry that appears and reads something like “samba server with your Windows 10 computer’s IP address”, not the Workgroup directory. Your Windows 10 file system will open for navigation. Now switch back to your remote desktop and drag and drop a Linux file into Windows (L: drive to C: drive, right to left pane) from the Linux Lite 3.0 partition that dual boots with Windows 10. Pick a document or png the first time to test. Now switch back to your Linux Lite desktop and drag the same file from Windows 10 (the gvfs pane) into your Linux Lite home directory and open it to test it. With appropriate editors and applications you can now move and work on files from all three systems with ease.