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something fun i found, a Emoji kind of selector / picker thats in the linux lite

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if this was placed in the wrong spot, let me know, i was just sharing a how too fun thing...........

every once in awhile i just want to use a emoji, a fun little emoticon, but i dont want to go to a site always to use one, unbuntu(in some flavors) has this thing called a emoji picker/selector  that is installed or you can install it.

well in Linux lite 4 series , installing one of them would be a pain in the ass, that was until i found this piece of software listed in this one article, its actually listed in the Linux lite 4.6 "synaptic package manager" (install/remove software) .

so i did a video on it , here is the youtube link to my video

"For Linux : Emoji Picker : this one is called " Gnome Character Map "

if you think there is something better and easy to install than this little piece of software, please tell me .

i want to say thank you to all who watches this



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There is nothing specific to LinuxLite. If the utility works for Ubuntu and XFCE environment, it applies to LinuxLite as well.


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