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something fun i found, a Emoji kind of selector / picker thats in the linux lite


I recently found this myself, after spending a lot of time and frustration trying to find a way to enter emojis into Linux. This was so easy to install and it's easy to use. I highly recommend it. If you want to use emojis in Linux, and you can use Gnome in your distro, and you can, with LinuxLite, this is for you.

There is nothing specific to LinuxLite. If the utility works for Ubuntu and XFCE environment, it applies to LinuxLite as well.

if this was placed in the wrong spot, let me know, i was just sharing a how too fun thing...........

every once in awhile i just want to use a emoji, a fun little emoticon, but i dont want to go to a site always to use one, unbuntu(in some flavors) has this thing called a emoji picker/selector  that is installed or you can install it.

well in Linux lite 4 series , installing one of them would be a pain in the ass, that was until i found this piece of software listed in this one article, its actually listed in the Linux lite 4.6 "synaptic package manager" (install/remove software) .

so i did a video on it , here is the youtube link to my video

"For Linux : Emoji Picker : this one is called " Gnome Character Map "

if you think there is something better and easy to install than this little piece of software, please tell me .

i want to say thank you to all who watches this


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