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Remote Access/Control Linux Lite 3.x

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Why copy the service unit?  What is the use of having 2 of them.  Why do either, it is already installed in /lib/systemd/system?
Why bother editing
you don't need to enable x11vnc.service?  But do need to enable
Why reboot?

Or, is it all different in 5.6?

All I did was:
sudo apt install x11vnc
sudo systemctl start x11vnc (maybe not needed)
sudo systemctl enable x11vnc
Then I did the password thing.

Ah I see. No worries.

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--- Quote ---Here is a quick tutorial on how to configure x11vnc (VNC Server) for remote access/control
--- End quote ---

To me, it wasn't quick.  But I'm just teasing.  I'm glad for the contribution.


--- Quote from: torreydale on April 26, 2017, 08:55:56 PM ---Er.  Umm.  "Quick" tutorial?

--- End quote ---

I'm unsure what that means.

Er.  Umm.  "Quick" tutorial?


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