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Regaining a minute of boot time on your HDD


It's already modified for LL in the current release. The message and link in your terminal is about Linux Lite. Vbox uses it also, as does SSH which on occasion has a reminder kind of necessity i/e reminds you what kernel and OS terminal you're on.   



No change to boot up speed but shaved RAM down to 308MB clean start.

It sounds like something @Jerry and Company can pre-configure in the next version of LL!
Thanks for sharing that!


Recently I noticed that my boot time went from 1:17 to 2:25 for no reason since I didn't change anything except upgrading Linux Lite.   
When I ran
--- Code: ---systemd-analyze
--- End code ---
--- Code: ---systemd-analyze blame
--- End code ---
I found out that a Ubuntu service called motd-news.service (motd stands for Message Of The Day) was entirely responsible for it.
Last time I checked, Dec. 15, 2019, it wasn't slowing down my boot-up time.

motd-news.service has its use for people running servers. Read
to learn more about it and some related privacy issues but i won't get into that.  These links explain a simple step to disable motd-news.service in its config file. I'd rather have you read it than me explaining it  :)  so you decide what's best for you.
Since I run an old single-core machine, I want to give it every bit of help to make it start as fast as it can!  That's why I chose Linux Lite in the first place.
After modifying the related config file, my boot time is now back to what it was as you can see in my screenshots above.

PS: needless to say, the boot time gain on a SSD will be less than on a HDD.


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