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On making threads: Using the toolbar(or hotkeys).


Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice life!  :55:

I've been noticing that people don't seem to be using the WYSIWYG editor's toolbar when creating/opening a new thread, and more often than not, their posts include text in some particular format, i.e. output from a terminal's command. But they do so by copying/pasting the text in plain without using the appropriate tag, which might make difficult for other users to read, more so if it is a long text.

The toolbar serves as a "shortcut" for these; just hit/click the corresponding icon/button to apply the desired tag to use.

For example, if bold text is to be used, click/hit the B icon/button, alternatively, press Ctrl + b which has the same result.

Likewise, I or pressing Ctrl + i will make the text italicized, Ctrl + u for underscore or click the U, the next button is for Strikethrough(hotkey is Ctrl + s, but most browsers use the same for Save as).

The next icons/buttons are for text alignment; preformatted text, left, center and right respectively. 

Then we have the menu for fonts; font type(Font Face), Font Size and Change(font)Color, these are drop-down menus, just click in the "arrow head" to expand, and select one of the options to apply. 

The next section can be very helpful, as they allow performing several actions in your posts, you can check what each one does by hovering the mouse over them.

From left to right:
Insert: image, hyperlink, email, ftp link, glow, shadow,  marquee, superscript, subscript, teletype, table, code, quote, unordered list, ordered list, rule, remove formatting and finally toggle view.

So, for example, if you plan to include some output from terminal, hit the insert code icon/button, these [ code ] [ /code ]  will appear, just paste the output between the two, hit preview or post, and your code looks good
--- Code: ---sudo apt update
--- End code ---
Instead of just sudo apt update. Emojis are self-explanatory.

Well, I hope this helps and encourages people to use the editor's toolbar or the hotkeys when available in their writings, and by doing so they'll be helping us to helping them; the better their thread/post reads, the better our understanding of the situation their post/thread is about. :)


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