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Hi, is there any way to install Mint-updater in Lite-6.00? It worked great in 5.6-8.
Thank you!

Useful Tip -

From my personal experience of installing and using the Mint Tools version of 'Mint Updater' with LL.5, for best integration remove both 'pk-update-icon' and 'package-update-indicator' from Synaptic Package Manager and reboot.

This will display just the Mint Updater 'shield' icon in the panel and the updater will display more cleanly overall (albeit at the expense of the default update notification indicator and the update notification 'pop-ups'.) It's a bit of a trade-off, but worth it if you like the Mint Updater.

The choice is yours..

In the absence of Ralphy's customized version of the Mint Updater tool for Linux Lite, you can still run a version of the updater (not Ralphy's, though) courtesy of the Mint Tools website -

Just add the ppa using the command line (terminal) with the following -

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gm10/linuxmint-tools
sudo apt-get update

After adding the ppa, open Synaptic Package Manager and search for 'mintupdate'. Install and then reboot your system.

You can run the Mint Updater either through the whisker menu or by clicking on the 'shield' icon in the panel. If the shield icon doesn't appear automatically in the panel after rebooting your system, just add the item 'Notification Area' to the panel to make it appear.

And that's it - not as slick and as integrated as Ralphy's version (no colored shield icons, for instance) but it does run on LL.5.

For the lazy updater, there is also a great bash tool called Ucaresystem-core. You can download the .deb file from the app website -

Choose the  ucaresystem-core_4.4.0_all.deb (23. KiB3)  package file for 'Focal' and save it to downloads in your file manager.

Once you've installed the file using gdebi, you can run Ucaresystem-core either as a GUI app or open a terminal and just type 'ucaresystem-core', it's that simple.

After updating your system, Ucaresystem-core will not only automatically remove old, unneeded kernels, but it will also check to see if you need to reboot your system after installing updates. It's one of my favorite apps.

Enjoy  :)


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