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Title: MD5 Checksum for Windows..??..
Post by: firenice03 on April 04, 2016, 02:55:46 PM
I still roam in Windows now and again....
On occasion after downloading a file, I have to find my notes to verify a checksum... I thought how many Windows refugees are here and are wanting to confirm they have downloaded a valid or complete LL ISO file semi-easily or without installing another application in order to do so...

The below requires Powershell to be installed; which is by default in Win7 and up; Vista may but I haven't tested...

The below code will check your hash - you need both the file and the hash..

Code: [Select]
if ( $($(CertUtil -hashfile C:PATH_to_FILE\File_name.iso MD5)[1] -replace " ","") -eq "PASTE_HASH_between_quotes" ) { echo "ok" }
Change the path to match the path of the downloaded file on your system
Paste the hash from the hash file into between the quotes.. Do not delete the quotes

Launch PowerShell then copy and paste your code into PowerShell hit enter..
Wait a few seconds if it checks out "OK" will be displayed. If prompt is returned (no ok)
 - confirm correct path to file (may want to omit spaces --i.e. C:\file.iso vs C:\docs and files\file.iso)
 - check that you have entered the hash correctly (if manually entered) or download the file again...

I found this code a while back (good ole google) and of the times I've used it, its has worked each time...