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Linux Basics: Useful Beginner Information

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Some files you can right click and select "make executable" , I am unsure if .run files are one of these types of files.

This is excellent!

But (there is always a "but") a desperately needed Tutorial is from the Windows user perspective.

Windows Users are use to a lot of operations that are convoluted in Linux. For instance,I am about to install Virtual Box Guest Additions. Navigate to the folder and get root. This is foreign to a Windows user,but lets say the Windows user managed it. I know a ".run" file is equivalent to an ".exe" file. I should be able to click on it and have the program run. Nope. But is even more disconcerting is there is not error message saying you don't have permission-which a Windows user expects with most Linux commands(copy/paste,play a video,etc).
Clicking on a ".run" file brings up a text editor 

Sorry torreydale -- little late seeing your post here.

Yes, it looks like they stopped updating the graph; but I think I'll keep the link anyway because it's kind of interesting.

The link on GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline ( doesn't appear to be relevant anymore.  The most recent timeline is 12.10.

Thanks N4RPS -- will add it back now.


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