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Linux Basics: Useful Beginner Information

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+1, excellent info.  ~Scott

This isn't really a tutorial, but seemed like the right place to put it.  (Valtam -- go ahead and move post if think it belongs somewhere else.)  Thought might be nice to have a handy list of information sources covering some of the basics in one place.  To Everyone -- feel free to add good sites you've found that might be especially helpful to beginners.

Linux Basics:  Useful Beginner Information


Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide
A free downloadable book that is a good beginner overview for Linux.  It's the fifth book down the list on this page:  Linux Documentation Project Guides.

Find Quality Apps that Run on Linux

Desktop Environments for Linux

Linux-Bible  (Added 7/22/14 from post by NewYorker.)

Linux Beginner Search Engine

Various Mix of Tutorials:

Free Linux Tutorials

Ubuntu-related Tutorials

Linux Tutorials:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide

Command Line Basics:

Introduction to the Command Line

LINUX: Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition

Linux Shortcuts and Commands

The Linux File System:

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

Linux File Systems Explained

Partitioning Drives & Mounting Partitions:

Guide to disks and disk partitions in Linux

Guide to Partitioning

GParted partitioning software - Full tutorial

How to Move Home Directory to a Separate Partition After Installation.

Mounting Partitions Automatically

Mounting Windows Partitions

Mounting USB Drives


HowTo: Using Bind to Remount Part of a Partition

Grub2 Bootloader Information:

GRUB 2 bootloader - Full tutorial


How to Fix/Reinstall Grub from a Live DVD/USB

Boot-Repair Utility


Linux Home Networking

Networking Guide

Samba Documentation

Set-up NFS


GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline

All the Best Linux Cheat Sheets

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


Linux is Not Windows

EDIT 7/22/2014:  removed The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide from list -- seems to no longer work properly as pointed out by Dookus.  Added Linux-Bible to the list after seeing post by NewYorker.

EDIT 3/29/15:  as noted by N4RPS, Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide site is working again, so added back on to the list.


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