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Kat San Liu:
@firenice03- Thanks a lot! Will create new thread next time! ;)

@Kat San Liu

In the future you'll want to start a new thread for best support..
But you'll find your answer here:

Follow the commands listed and you'll be set...

Kat San Liu:
Hi All,

I receive the following error and then stop updating. If it can be fixed? Thanks.

下載:17 bionic-updates/multiverse i386 Packages [7,496 B]
E: Repository ' bionic InRelease' changed its 'Label' value from 'gimp' to 'gimp stable'

firenice03. Thanks for the help. That was it.


You have another window open that has the file locked... Maybe another software window (synaptic) - close those windows and rerun updates..
If still you could reboot to ensure all are closed..

Once you rerun all should be good!!
Oh and Welcome!!


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