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I don't have swap partition? [SOLVED]


I think I already fixed it, it's that I don't have a partition because it uses a swapfile daaa sorry I'm stupid in linux but I already increased it to 6gb thanks san youtube

hi pals, I have been using a virtualized linux lite in proxmox for a few months and it's going well... well, I only have 12gb of ram, I have other virtual machines so I only get 3gb of ram for linux lite but it's going well... I think increase it in a short time.

Well I write because I have installed my thunderbird in linux lite and I have seen that the ram memory has increased as it is obvious and just out of curiosity I opened gparted and I have realized that I do not have swap partition

However, in the system monitor it shows that I have 900mb for swap... I am not an expert in linux but I guess that the swap is good or at least that is what I have always read and in fact I wanted to increase it from 900mb to at least 6gb because I have read that it is good a swap twice the ram.

But now that I see the gparted and I see that there is no swap partition, I don't know what to do or how to increase it...

please can you help me


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