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How to repair grub


Nice one :)

Hello everyone,

I would like to make this a topic that covers most of the basic grub problems and how to repair them

Your GRUB loader might have broken for a couple of reasons:

* You messed with the boot partition
* You installed Windows after GNU/Linux
* Or something else...
Fortunately grub is easy to fix and it's not very complex. If you follow these simple steps it should be fixed in no more than 30 minutes(including USB loading):

First of all boot from a Linux Lite image to live mode.

Then open terminal and type:
--- Code: ---sudo fdisk -l
--- End code ---
Now you need to note down two things. First the disk directory "/dev/sd[letter]" and then the Linux partition "/dev/sd[letter][number]"
/dev/sda - Disk
/dev/sda4 - Partition
Next you need to create a temporary directory

--- Code: ---sudo mkdir /mnt/lnx
--- End code ---
Now mount the partition to that directory:

--- Code: ---sudo mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/lnx
--- End code ---

Now for the final part:

--- Code: ---sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/lnx /dev/sda
--- End code ---

In case you broke grub by using Daz Windows Loader (im not promoting illegal stuff here) just make sure you check "Preserve boot code" and repatch.

I used part of this thread: link
and if you want to learn more about --root-directory option: link

Let me know if i missed something. Also comment if you have some other tips.
Have fun   :003: :048:


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