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How to get the ndiswrapper to work on an old wireless adapter card


First make sure your wireless cards Driver folder with the LSTINDS.INF file (or what ever your .INF file is) is in your home folder.

Then in a terminal type in:

--- Code: ---sudo su
apt-get install ndisgtk

--- End code ---

Open up ndisgtk (might be labeled "wireless drivers")
Follow the prompts.

If using the ndiswrapper packages in the synaptic package manager does not work:
What worked for me on my old SONY VAIO all in one desktop, was the ndiswrapper-1.58. I managed to find a link here:

Put it in the home folder.
Open up terminal and type in:

--- Code: ---tar xzf ndiswrapper-1.58.tar.gz -C /home/(username)

--- End code ---

Then open up the ndiswrapper-1.58 folder and right click on an open area. Select to "open terminal here".
Then type in:

--- Code: ---sudo make uninstall
sudo make install

--- End code ---

No open up terminal in the home folder and type in:

--- Code: ---sudo ndiswrapper -i (exact name of driver folder)/(exact name/and or path inside the driver folder of/to the .INF file)
sudo modprobe ndiswrapper
sudo su
echo ndiswrapper >> /etc/modules

--- End code ---

If everything installed with no errors, then reboot.
After reboot configure your network (keeping in mind that ndiswrapper only allows for WEP network security).
I ended up setting up a guest network on the router with just WEP security for my old wireless adapter card

Had a little bit of a struggle with the old IBM ThinkPad G40. Install of ndiswrapper-1.58 and 1.59 kept erroring out.

I dropped back to a set of ndiswrapper-1.57 packages I had saved from an install of Xubuntu back in 2012.
Installed the ndiswrapper-common, and the ndiswrapper-utils with no problem using terminal and "sudo dpkg -i (full name of package)".

Had dependency problem with the dkms. Downloaded and tried to install the gcc, but it to had dependency problems, so I opened up the synaptic package manager and used the broken pakage filter to install the gcc and then the dkms.
Was able to then install the ndiswrapper-dkms using terminal with no problem (this made the all important module).

If you had problems with the ndiswrapper-1.58 and 1.59 then let me know and I will upload the ndiswrapper-1.57 packages to my Mediafire account and post link.

Note: Before trying a different ndiswrapper you must first type in this from a terminal:

--- Code: ---sudo su
ndiswrapper -e lstinds

--- End code ---


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