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Fantastic! Remember to give gold_finger a 'Thank'  for this :)

Thanks for the details . As a "simple" migrant from windows its very helpful to be told how to do something new.

One area that I find lacking in the use of electronics and computers iare simple guides on how to use them and get the full potential out of them . As a consequence it is difficult for the user to know if the item is working correctly  A lot of the time it involves poking and hoping to learn how to use it .

To me the best source is the designer as they should know what they designed should do . It then needs commitment down the supply chain to give full instructions to the user  or at least where to get them if required


Thanks for this gold_finger.  Very timely.

How to Post Pictures, Links, Code and Quotes when making a Forum Post?

General rule:  Position your cursor at the point where you want to make the insertion and click there to set the point.  Then click the forum interface button corresponding to the type of insertion you're making.  That will put coded blocks at the point you designated in the post.  Paste between those two blocks.

To post a screenshot or other picture use an image posting site to post your image to, copy the provided link to your image, then hit the "Insert Image" button and paste your link between the two image blocks that are inserted in your posting.  (Here is one such site to use:
Eg.  [ img ][ /img ]

To post a link to a website, hit the "Insert Hyperlink" button and paste your link between the url blocks.
Eg.  [ url ][ /url ]

To post terminal commands or output from terminal commands. Copy/Paste your terminal output into your forum reply post, then re-highlight the pasted output and hit the code button along the top of the reply interface to enclose it in code blocks.  After finalizing your post, the terminal output will now show up inside a separate box of a set size with scroll ability and which preserves the correct formatting of the output.  That makes reading it easier and it also gives you the ability to post long output in a small space.

* Eg.  [ code ]sudo blkid[ /code ]
* Produces a code box like this
--- Code: ---sudo blkid
--- End code ---

To post quotes, hit the "Insert Quote" button and paste the quoted text between the two quote blocks.  If you want to quote a prior post of someone here on the forum you can just hit the "Quote" button on their post and it will insert the quote where your cursor is on the reply interface.  That will quote everything from their post.  If you just want to quote a small portion of what someone wrote, hit the quote button on the reply interface and change the first quote block in the following way:

* Instead of this:  [ quote ] ... [ /quote ]
* Make this:  [ quote="gold_finger" ] ... [ /quote ]
* And you'll see something like this:
--- Quote from: gold_finger ---Here is a quote.
--- End quote ---
(NOTE:  The examples have spaces between the code brackets and the words inside them.  That was necessary for showing the examples.  When doing it for real there are NO SPACES between the brackets and the words inside.)


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