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Creating aliases in fish and bash shell


Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice life! :)

Today I'd like to share with you how to create your aliases in fish as well as in bash shell. As some of you probably already know, aliases are like "nicknames" for those commands, often long, we use the most and by "aliasing" them we make them short. In bash, one creates aliases like this
--- Code: ---alias install="sudo apt-get install"
--- End code ---
then we hit enter and next time instead of typing "sudo apt-..." simply typing install will do the same task, which is install a given package. However, this is temporary, if you want to make your aliases permanent and available across boots, you have to create a file called .bash_aliases
--- Code: ---nano .bash_aliases
--- End code ---
and add your aliases there. Once you've added them open a terminal and do
--- Code: ---. .bash_aliases
--- End code ---
then hit enter, this will make the aliases available inmediately and across boots. You could also add them in the file .bashrc but as far as I read the former method seems to be the most appropriate.

Now, in fish aliases are created in a different way, for one they're not called aliases but functions and just like with bash aliases you can create them for temporary use or add them in the file .config/fish/ if it doesn't exist create it
--- Code: ---nano .config/fish/
--- End code ---
once you've created the file start adding your functions, like so:

--- Code: ---function install
    sudo apt-get install %argv

--- End code ---
Add as many as you wish/need, once you've finished adding your functions type
--- Code: ---. .config/fish/
--- End code ---
and hit enter to make them available for use inmediately.

Aliases are time  savers since we don't have to type long commands once and again over and over. Hope you've liked the post and found it useful. :)



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