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Change scrollbar thickness globally in XFCE


I take it this only works for XFCE apps? I noticed that the file browser, the scrollbar looks the same, but gets fatter when I hover over it. Changing UI elements are bad no?

I found something else on the internet that seems to be working.  Thanks for reading.

I tried this on LLOS 5 and it does not seem to work.  I tried 40, 80 and 150 and saw no difference in file windows or Firefox.  I know that this is an older article, is there something new that would do this?


This will cover many applications, but not all.

1. Open your home folder.

2. Press Ctrl + H (to show hidden files)\

3. Open the .gtkrc-2.0 file, add the following to a new line starting at the bottom of the file:

--- Code: ---style "myscrollbar"
class "GtkScrollbar" style "myscrollbar"

--- End code ---

Example of entire .gtkrc-2.0 file:

--- Code: ---gtk-menu-popdown-delay = 0
gtk-menu-bar-popup-delay = 0
gtk-enable-animations = 0
gtk-timeout-expand = 0

style "myscrollbar"
class "GtkScrollbar" style "myscrollbar"
--- End code ---

Change '25' to a thickness you prefer.

4. Logout/in again to complete.


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