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Unbranded Hi Power N adapter

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Unbranded Hi Power N adapter
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this arrived on Monday (it is Wednesday here) it is sold unbranded, its title on eBay was 3000mW Wireless USB network card, it costs 7.63 and Free postage.
This arrives in a box, it is not the outer box for the adapter, on the reverse of the box the vendor simply put a S shaped line through the specs.The inner shell of the box fits the supplied items correctly.
Contained in the box is the wifi adapter, x2 of 5dBi antennas, the connection cable from the box to the USB port, it also contains the pink version of the Beini mini disc (based on Tiny Core Linux it says), and the how to crack your poor neighbour's wifi photo tutorial, pink version, not that we would do this , just stating the boxes contents.

The adapter is black a sort of towards graphite shade, it is not high gloss but neither is it matt finish, on the adapter it says High Power and the N wifi logo. Its activity LED is blue coloured.
It is made in PRC (mainland China).
It uses the 3070 chipset and is plug and play in LL.
Tested as usual using LinSSID.

This adapter found 56 AP's using the 5 dBi antennas it came with. (it uses 2 antennas)
Surprisingly it found Anna's Hotspot, as this was only previously seen using the Alfa AWUS036h with a Yagi (directional) antenna, and also with the Linfox adapter using a 58dBi cannon (directional) antenna.
It also found the desktop of a "coven", hopefully they won't Hex me (see what I did there :P )
It also found x4 of public access free wifi hotspots, 2 of these I had found before, 2 are newly found ones.

Other newly found ones were (in order of discovery) -
Gemmas Hot-spot
mywifi - eg; my documents, mypictures, mywifi , I am guessing it is a windows machine, or pretending to be one. ;)
It also found the first WEP in these recent tests.
A new connected cam.
It found 3 new car items -
a dv camera
the second Audi found, this time its MMI system.

an Auto Vox camera D6 Pro

It does monitor mode -

I test 1 more wifi adapter for Linux, and 1 more GPS dongle, when/if they arrive. This recent series of tests I am doing will be finished then.
I hope it was interesting for someone, and helped you know of some different wifi hardware that does work on LL, and doesn't work on LL.
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