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Remove Pic identifiers


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how to remove meta/EXIF from your pics.

Open your terminal by either clicking its icon in panel.
Hold down Ctrl and Alt and Press t (Ctrl + Alt + t)
Copy/paste, or type in to your terminal -

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl
--- End code ---

Type in your password when asked.
Press Enter on keyboard.

To read the meta data/EXIF on your photo, copy and paste or type in to your terminal -

--- Code: ---exiftool your-image.jpeg
--- End code ---

Replacing  your-image.jpeg with the jpeg's actual name.

Now you know what data is there you can remove it by, copy/paste or type in to your terminal -

--- Code: ---exiftool -all= your-image.jpeg
--- End code ---

If you wish to, you know from the first command how to check your file again now.

If you've been totally running amok with the camera and have many images to do.
Navigate in terminal to the directory where your pics are and copy/paste or type in to terminal.
To remove the meta/EXIF from all files with jpeg extension in your directory -

--- Code: ---exiftool -all= *.jpeg
--- End code ---

Have you used other image file formats?
To remove the meta/EXIF from all image files in this directory, copy/paste or type in to your terminal -

--- Code: ---exiftool -all= *
--- End code ---

Should you wish you can just remove some area of the data.

--- Code: ---exiftool -gps:all= filename
--- End code ---

Do not forget to also do

--- Code: ---exiftool "-gps*=" filename
--- End code ---

to remove XMP data.

You may also want to remove coordinates by do

--- Code: ---exiftool -geotag= your-image.jpeg
--- End code ---

Now we may want to make it look less obvious, to deter checking, by adding in fake information to the fields, ideas anyone ?

Please add any improvements, alternative methods, and additional information you find on this topic to the thread.

Thanks for reading, I hope it was interesting.

Additional Info

where we use the star *, this is working as a "wild card", it is used in other areas/ways in terminal and so can be interesting as a start point for further searches about using a range of commands this way.


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