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What to do when your computer just die and won't boot anymore

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Tips colored blue are for mobile users only                                                     Tips colored green are for desktop users only
Tips colored black are for for all computer users                                             Tips with red "!"requires special knowledge

If it won't boot at all

1. Check the power cable. Your laptop's battery charging indicator light should turn on. If you are pc user try another power cable
2. Check the battery. Your laptop's battery charging indicator light should change color or power off when the battery is and if it never reaches full then it is dead or for some reason got short circuit.
3. Remove battery and power cable then try to boot without any power source to make any capacitors discharged then connect battery and power cable back and try to boot.
4. Take your RAM memory off the place it back you found better tutorial by googling your model and memory replace!
5. If your computer still won't boot to at least BIOS I don't know what to do

I will post other fixes also later

Re: What to do when your computer just die and won't boot anymore
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2019, 09:08:54 AM »


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Hi minesheep.

I would add to remove any non-crucial USB peripherals first. Removing that "cool" USB-Rock-Light thingy or USB powered speakers for example and keeping only required keyboard/mouse.
Also, check remaining USB cables for damage. You never know when your cat/dog/squirrel/baby chewed on them or if they got yanked because your spouse used the keyboard to smash a spider.
IF still no boot and cables seem OK, try moving remaining devices to other USB ports. I.e. a shorted USB port/cable or power strain will keep a computer from booting.

For point 4.
Once memory is removed, rub a white eraser (Steadler) on the conenctors, WITHOUT touching the mini-chips. (captial letters because you can break them easily).
Clean all eraser bits from memory stick(s), don't "blow" on it because this will add humidity which is not good for electronics ;) .
I.e. This will, remove oxydation/dirt/static build-up (if any) from the memory connectors.
Plug back memory. if computer still doesn't boot and/or makes some long beep code, CHANGE STICK(S) TO OTHER SLOT(S) if available.
Try boot again.

I don't know how many computer I "saved" doing these few steps but should be close to a hundred (no joke).
- TheDead (TheUxNo0b)

If my blabbering was helpful, please click my [Thank] link.


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