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Blueway N9000

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Blueway N9000
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another one tested today, this costs 7.20 and free postage on eBay.
In the box, comes the adapter, a small omni directional antenna, a mini disc of Beini (Tiny Core Linux it says, but we have LL) , this cd is different metallic green with pink love hearts on it, and pink baby bottle caps, this is obviously the baby-girl version ;) and the manual of cracking that poor neighbours wifi again, but this time it has baby pink surroundings and dividers.For customs purposes it was described as a "reservoir" (for storing the Ap's).
There is a newer model of this but it wasn't too different and this was cheaper.
Looks wise, it is like 100%+ better build than any other wifi adapter I have, the top doesn't flex it is slimline but you can see it is thick acrylic, the top and base are high gloss black, the sides are red.It has an integrated spring clip on its back already fitted. This could clip on to say the curtains, car visor, or a bag.
This is Made in China.
It was tested on the desk using LinSSID.
It finds with its default antenna 11 Ap's, it's not bad as its an obviously weak antenna, and likely how the costs have been cut.I thought, dont worry baby I know you have power, dropped the 16dBi omni and he jumped to 31 Ap's almost instantly, and his blue led danced away, its got a blue led that's not blinding as the black cover has no cut out for it so it subdues its intensity nicely.

I have not yet tried it with the Cannon antenna (the 58dBi directional from the Linfox thread, I discovered its name online)

I definitely like this one because of its very solid case build, its got some red highlights which is always nice (to me), the integral rear clip means it can handle the long 16dBi on its small form factor due to the clip tilting the adapter off the desk.

This like the Linfox adapter is also 3070 chipset.
This is plug and play on LL.

and.... yes it can do Monitor Mode :)

I hope it was useful for someone.
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Linux Lite 7.0 Final Released - See Release Announcement Section