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Linfox wifi adapter combo

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Linfox wifi adapter combo
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this arrived today and I've just finished testing it.
This is sold on eBay for 9.99 (with free postage), it had a nice looking directional antenna that was not for sale on ebay on its own, I bought the kit for the antenna but was surprised by it.
Its images on eBay and listing use no branding, it arrives with the adapter branded as Linfox.
In the package are, the antenna, a lead coming from this to attach to the adapter, a lead from the adapter to USB , and a mini disc of Beini (based on Tiny Core Linux, it says), there is also a "manual" of 1 page showing you in photos of screenshots, how to crack your neighbours wifi using the set up, not that any of the members and guests would do those kind of things, I'm just stating what is in the package. It is in a bag, it is not boxed.

So this antenna is claimed to be 58dBi, and they claim the set up can reach 3km  :o I did not believe this even before buying it.
The antenna looks nice, from the end view it is a half circle shape, it is 20cm in length, it is attached underneath to a rod, this goes to a stand, underneath the stand are two slots, it comes with rubber suction cups to put in to those slots, the slots could also be used for mounting with screws.The outer casing is all plastic the underneath of the antenna bar is all metal, the base is also metal inside and on the parts visible for attaching to a wall or window.

It can also be stood on the desk (or floor) which is what I did.I tried this out using the little stand on the desk, you can set the antenna to vertical, or angles throughout until 180 degrees, I set it at approximately 45 degrees. It stays in the angle you set it.

The adapter uses a 3070 driver and is plug and play on Linux Lite.
Just attach the antenna cable and usb cable and plug it in and you are off.

As with the other recent tests, and the first tests on other set ups a long time ago, I used LinSSID on LL just from the desk.

The Alfa adapter similar to this one AWUS036h has a grey/silver box, the Linfox has a Gold box, both are manufactured in Taiwan.

 :o This reaches as far as an AWUS036h with a Yagi antenna, and the antenna it comes with is physically about 70% or more smaller than the Yagi is.
It found a total of 49 AP's.
Including an Audi car, one Android phone, one Mi tv box, 3 public wifi hotspots, 2 of these are inside venues (bars).

I estimate it can reach from the desk at least more than 1 mile, as it finds a specific hotel, and I measured the distance to this when the Yagi /AWUS036h found it.
This is it goes through a forest and lots of buildings, to reach that 1 miles away.
On open ground or if used from an elevated position it may do longer distances, I am not sure.
It didn't find Henry's security cameras, like the Alfa 36NEH did, but it found Annas Hotspot and her 54 cams, must be like really nervous person, like the Yagi/AWUS036h did.

In vertical, horizontal or angled antenna mode this easily fits inside a small backpack set up.

and..... it can do monitor mode -

I hope it was interesting for someone.


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Linux Lite 7.0 Final Released - See Release Announcement Section