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Installing Fedora-Workstation-26 in VirtualBox on LL

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Thanks :) , I will try clicking the windows border and typing next time before it captures it.

Whilst searching about it I seen a thread on Ubuntu forums -
a person was explaining the same happened and right Ctrl wasn't working.
One reply said to close full screen then try.
He then told how it was NOT funny and he needed to get out of it now........... :o
...that after trying windows 7 in VB he felt like a prisoner on his own computer.
Other replies came , saying to use the VB menus and change the preferences, others said to use the Host menu to restart the computer.

I was surprised that nobody seemed to realize he was "trapped in the window of windows".
I checked the navigation to see if it was the joke thread or something similar, it wasn't, and it wasn't solved.
To add to it, those saying to use the preferences were further replying with -
" I just dont understand this....never heard of it before"

All I thought was why cant they see he is "trapped in the window of windows" he can't get to the menus, he is a prisoner .. in windows.

It was the most odd thread I have seen, it could be a movie, "Mr.Robot and the window of windows", and he has to try and escape, because apple are emptying his bank account as a deposit for a pencil, .. and at the end when he overcomes the window of windows a new society emerges called LIYF
(an alphabet..ical upgrade of GIYF).

No its not Saturday lol ;D ;D
I've had the vm capture tbe mouse, its done it a few times on various os's.. The 'home' key i think they call it release as you found the  ctrl key on the right side of the keyboard..

If you click the window border and type it should respond and not capture the mouse..

Have fun  ;D

I have installed CentOS7 in VB now, I know its not Saturday lol.
It didn't need the steps of detaching the drive, it done this itself.

I had a small issue of the mouse being trapped in the window so unable to use VB controls at all, and not being able to move the sliders of VB to move the page up or down to click buttons at the top or bottom of the page during install.
I found an answer for this in a search quite quickly, click the right Ctrl key on the keyboard it detaches the mouse pointer, so there are 2 pointers, you can then take the one outside the window and move the page slider, to rejoin them you move the one pointer on top of the other and click the left mouse button and they rejoin to use inside the window.

@firenice03  Thank You :) .  I'll d/l the DVD iso now then so I have it ready. I'll be running it in VB too.

@bitsnpcs  I run it as a core/minimal, with no GUI.. Mimics my work set up and forces me to use it the same way using terminal... I believe it has a DE option in which gnome sounds right..

Looking - the DVD iso option would be the best.. (I believe the install will prompt for GUI/DE)
If you are unsure which image to use, pick the DVD image. It allows selecting which components you want to install and contains all packages that can be selected from the GUI installer. The 'Everything' DVD is almost twice the size of the ordinary DVD and is not required for most common installs - it is intended for use by sysadmins who want to run their own local mirror.

Mine are running in a VB VM, so no issues there :)


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