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Installing Fedora-Workstation-26 in VirtualBox on LL

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Thank You :)
Is it Gnome default desktop ?  I am not confident to attempt to change DE.
If so I will try CentOS too.
Which would be best for a VirtualBox install the, dvd ISO, or Everything ISO ?
Will I need to do the same to install CentOS ?
I will have a try Saturday

My first look at the Gnome deskop, it looks nice.

Another option is CentOS is supposed to be a really close 2nd to Red Hat - I use CentOS for a DEV environment for a work application that runs on Red Hat


I wanted to install Fedora-Workstation-26 in VB to follow the Linux Bible book as it uses Fedora, or Red Hat Enterprise, also Ubuntu Gnome to a lesser degree, plus it is changing.
It left Fedora as the free option.
Also I wanted to see and try the Gnome desktop.
I had difficulty to get this working, after some searches I read articles and tutorials that said things such as -
- it cannot be used in VirtualBox as a machine version has not been released yet.
- you need to d/l the live ISO and burn it to a dvd, then use this to install to VirtualBox to get it to work.
- you need to use it as a Live dvd
- tutorials for older version of Fedora I tried and all failed to install it.

I knew the idea of the live ISO not being possible to install to VirtualBox to be wrong, as with a lot of help from @firenice03 on this forum we both installed the Raspberry PI Live iso months early in VB on LL.

Here is how I done it, similar to Pi (Pixel) the changes begin at 3. below.

Install the virtual machine as per the LL manual.
I used settings of 8GB Ram 20GB space.

create the machine, then highlight and click settings.
click position #1 like on image
click position #2 like on image
click the down arrow like position #3 on image and select your downloaded iso location.
click okay

1. Click start to install machine.
2. when install is completed, look to the top of VirtualBox for the "Devices Tab", click and look for "disconnect drive". Dont click it yet.
3&4. Click FedoraWorkstation-26 desktop menu and select to reboot Fedora. Whilst it begins to reboot click Devices then click to untick and disconnect drive/mounted ISO.
5. on reboot it will ask for a few more choices. Complete these and then shut down Fedora virtual machine.
6. the storage area for the fedora machine should look like the image below.

1. Not disconnecting the devices meant the Live iso on each starting of the Fedora machine began a LIVE iso session with the option to install... all over again. (similar to Pi)

2. Pressing to disconnect the devices (virtual drive for mounted Live ISO) before clicking to restart Fedora corrupted the Fedora install (the messages were the hard drive is corrupted) , and it crashed every time on boot up, after those install tries.

3. After some weeks of trying, I found this way by searching "how to disconnect live iso in VB" and similar phrases.

After using the above method I had zero issues to install Fedora-Workstation-26 in VirtualBox on the first try of this method, on Linux Lite.
I have deleted it and reinstalled using the same method a few times to check it worked each time, it did.

It might be useful for anyone installing it, or if they face a similar problem in VirtualBox with another distro.


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