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Alfa Network AWUS036NEH


Okay. I get the idea. There is 1 more I had wrote today.

Moved all threads to Tutorials since you don't actually need Support for these. Cheers :)


this arrived today and I just wanted to share about it.
This is Plug and Play straight out of the box with Linux Lite.
It is a regular sized dongle for 2.4Ghz b/g/n, WEP, WPA, WPA2, Cisco compatible. RT3070L Chipset.
It comes with an external RP-SMA dipole antenna of 5dBi, it is 1000mW/30dBm.
It claims to be "the strongest of its type on the market".
This is the strongest wifi adapter I have used with its default antenna.

This dongle supports monitor mode and packet injection.

Its antenna is removable/interchangeable.

In use this dongle finds 12 AP's in about 2 seconds, 1 extra in another 5 seconds, 1 extra 10 seconds later.
It finds of the 14, 13 AP's, 1 security cam.
This is good as in the same location and using the same set up, with my new AWUS036ACH which has 2 antennas I only found 4 Ap's and all 4 had much lower signal strength than with this dongle.
In addition to the LinSSID scans, I also browsed and searched online for a while with it, and it works well.

Hope it is useful info :)


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