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Enabling full Bluetooth support in Linux Lite

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Just an update...
I purchase one of the Plugable Bluetooth 4.0 adapters.(Broadcom)
I followed the instruction I posted above to get the driver, and then followed Rob's instructions.
All worked perfectly, Headset and Mic work perfectly for Media playback & SKYPE


Not sure.?
I'm not sure how this fits with Rob's instructions.?
I can only assume..?? (sometimes a bad idea :) )
If starting from scratch with Broadcom based device for a clean start:
1. Install the drivers per the link
2. Make sure the Bluetooth "Blueman" applet is set to Auto-start in the Application Auto-start
3. Follow Rob's instructions
4. re-boot.??
5. Plug in Bluetooth adapter

???... possibly


Maybe that would help with my BT audio sync issues.

Hi Rob,

Bit old I know... re: Broadcom Drivers
I have been looking at various Bluetooth devices.
I came across this, Broadcom Linux Driver:


Maybe of use.?



--- Quote from: N4RPS on December 16, 2014, 07:43:00 AM ---Hello!

Bluetooth has several different versions. I believe the latest is 4.0. AFAIK, for Linux, blueman is the only game in town.

I, too, have problems with some of my headsets connecting properly. I have a Bluetooth Android tablet that has VERY choppy audio on my 5-year old Motorola headset, but is fine with the newer 'chapie' headsets. Likewise, on my PC with an older, generic adapter, my old headset connects fine, but the newer ones will not. Go figure...


--- End quote ---

Both of my headsets are v4.0.  Must just be the crappy knock off.  I have to reset the connection every time I boot up the computer but at least the "good" headset always seems to work.


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