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Installed to USB stick, unable to boot, boot loader not found (Linux Lite 5.4)enyao52403
"Weird" behaviour after install LL 5.2eikelein52671
Make Windows or Linux Bootable on almost anything (Garanteed)Severus01951
I am locked out of Linux Lite 5.2RogerPanza93510
LL4.8 takes a lot to bootSpAiK22563
Linux Lite 4.4 black screen with non-blinking underscore while bootingnumaanshaikh12404
Pcie bus error severity=corrected matiasl1501982
Boot problems after installing LL to USBranwaldo53352
LL4 - boot failure following switch from Intel to nVidia card (390 driver)m65432173550
Boot - Improve apperancebbblite57052
VirtualBox Linux Guest Additionsgreigpj28692
Error when booting: Diskfilter writes not supportedwhateverthing3117288
Linux Lite 4.0barnaby37974517
Why do some folk use a separate /boot partition on MBR formatted drives?m65432122852
not being able to boot from ssdonnipoika22745
Boot sound contributionhackdorte010420
No OS found on bootRoyTG9453380
Invisible Disk Encryption Password Request (Possible bug?)bluelizard106413
Resize Windows partition and increase LL partition.Moltke54070
Any modern Motherboards without UEFI & Secure boot technology built into them?m6543211710926
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Download Linux Lite 5.8 RC1 today - See Release Announcements