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Subject Started by Replies Views
Update errorNewie11251
Need help please, how to update Libre office ?.kissbaby331178
Problems with update11231
Install Updates Error LogJsimeon9621380
Update error related to Team ViewerSleepyD217464
Updates Error for Linux LiteFrans Theron21619
Linux Lite Updates error2r22253
Install Updates could not fetch the package cache information lists.carlos.griffa22497
Primeros pasos luego de instalar linux liteRodrerich13827
Can't login after updatemmcglynn33137
cannot update linux liteThisIsMeta32172
unable to update linux lite 4.8Blinmakerivan72969
Update errors for bluemancsias4031908
Update to LL 5 - Whisker MenuJohnD73356
update errorMaxwell Hasenhindl11929
Failed UpdateGrenville412420
Impossible installer programmes Christian-cecil Tallon14209
updating problemAli201913257
Update failedJRITTENB02586
Linux Lite 4.2 Update repositories problemwalter.lamia35384
Desktop icons gone due to new updatediskrod22840
Newer to Linux unable to successfully complete updaterdward53969
About LL update problemskpanic88039
reboots to black screen after most recent updateosamu.morozumi13421
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Download Linux Lite 5.8 RC1 today - See Release Announcements