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Nice Tips Riser! I'm going to try those out, in fact I am setting them now!

I would also like to add that LibreOffice can be made to work quite fast with a few tweaks:

* Go to Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Memory
* Set the values as below
* Number of steps = 30
* Use for LibreOffice = 128
* Memory per object = 10
Launching Writer or Calc takes 1 sec or less for me (using an SSD).  Launching Word or Excel at work takes quite a bit longer (also using an SSD).

I also think LibreOffice will handle native MS Office documents better than AbiWord would.

If you installed AbiWord from the default repositorys, then yes, it would automatically update when one comes avalible. LibreOffice comes preinstalled as this distro is made to attract Windows users to Linux, and we want to give them the tools that we think they might need. LibreOffice is a little heavy, but so is Microsoft Office, by a longshot I might add.

Why was Libre Office selected for Linux Lite?

For me I only need a word processor so I uninstalled Libre Office. I installed AbiWord  because I think it is lighter that Libre Office's word processor. I found whenever I wanted to open a word document, I was asked if I wanted to use Libre Office first then something else where I found AbiWord. I have uninstalled AbiWord and reinstalled Libre Office's word processor because I figured there must be a good reason to use it instead of AbiWord.

If I install AbiWord and uninstall Libre Office's word processor, will AbiWord be updated when I update Linux Lite?

Can I change the preferred word processor to AbiWord?


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