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WhyNot LinuxLite promote in Social MediaWin10 will end,Debian11 goes a similar..

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Well, I respect your point of view Mr.Şerban but this is not mainly about you and your worthy effort to spread this brand..

Also I'm not trying to criticize how good or bad the brand Linux Lite were promoted.

Obviously, this is not my native language and I "say" I'm sorry if I "sound" harsh

But, well, talking to this topic ,for example How people this days (2024)
how they promote their own brand?
Even if they are not young ,they use MEMES and some of that "cultural" perhaps more geek point of view

I consider myself someone really boring, also I'm trying to use memes and more of that "culture" in my own projects, but I'm just someone really far for the projects of Linux Lite.

We (every people) could discuss forever but virals, memes ,for example are the main focus of Facebook .I know many people that use only that social media for those hobbies. Believe it or not "formal" serious people know it .
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Here are my answers

1. Manpower.
I've been blogging since 2007. Please, belive me, it sucks a lot of time. Let alone complex media content.
I am a YouTuber since 2007. Same as above.
Being both a blogger and a videomaker, sucks about 12 to 19 hours a day.
Even if you are payed to do that, it's a lot of work.
You need to learn a lot, everyday, until you quit or (eventually) die.

2. Cost and ROI (Return Of Investment)
How good are you at accounting? Are you an accountant?
Else, we talk for the sake of talking.
Each step you make with any product (including Linux Lite), cost lots of manpower and lots of money.
Unless you live on a 1,000 tons of gold stack below your feet, it is unlikely you will make to meet loose ends.
Any doubts?
Ask Jerry for how long he dreams to be a full-time Linux Lite lead developer.

3. Strategy & Management.
In order to get where you pointed out, you need a powerful Strategy & Management team.
SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a very fast changing landscape. There are also lots of choices even in the Linux ecosystem, let alone the commercial software world.
As you probably noticed, commercial software is constantly fighting against sharing knowledge and spreading the FOSS.
And in this ever-changing world, you have to make your way through, against all odds.
As I see it, Jerry and the rest of the team, including people in the Forum's staff (= Moderators), are doing a fabulous job!
Having my own Forum, I guess makes me an educated voice to speak.

4. The taughest and ugliest question:
What did YOU do, out of all suggestions presented in your post?
Let's breake it down a little:
How many posts have you read on this Forum?
How many post have you written?
How many blog posts have you writen?
How many tutorials have you written?
How many videos have you made and uploaded on, say, YouTube? (or TikTok, if you like).
And another one:
Are you in the position to point fingers to all the people in this community?

As for me...

I'm old enough and it is likely that someday sooner than later, I'll be gone. That is the way life goes on.
From time to time:
- I write posts here;
- I make a video and post it on my YouTube channel;
See here:

- I make a tutorial and post it here;
- I write articles and post them on my own Forum.
- I recommend Linux Lite to people that are interested in a low-cost & high-performance computing solution.
- If this is the case, I install and do a brief presentation of the OS to the new user.

Last, but not least:
I never point fingers to others. If I have any idea (stupid maybe...) I act upon it.
This was the case when I created the Linux Category on my Forum, and so on. See above.
When I have a question, I ask it. Either in the search box (it's amazing how much you can get using it!) or here, where appropriate.

Best regards, Șerban.
"It's easy to die for an idea. It's way harder TO LIVE for your idea!"
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Probably the people of the staff of this forum is not same who devs, publishes in the website of Linux Lite
but Why not promote itself in every Social Media (Discord, tik tok, Instagram,etc)
how good is Linux Lite 6.6?
is it not enough a "mature" Linux project?
Why not at least a Discord with more feedback and grow a lively community...
why not publish memes with info related to Linux?

In my case like any average Linux user of not the latest hardware I always was afraid of Unity, and everytime I thought of any distro similar to Ubuntu it always had Unity and so heavy software, but that's not the case of Linux Lite 6.6 and surprisingly is perhaps the best OS for not the latest computer.

Well, basically there are 2 kind of Linux Lite users one with "minimalistic philosophy" and another with OLD hardware.

And we know when WinXP died Linux grew up with more users,
but this time is "more promising", because nearly at the same time we have some other "events":

-Not only Windows 10 will receive no more support in October 2025, in July 2024 Debian 11 will also "die out". Context, Debian 12 is the latest stable release but it only support the latest Nvidia graphic drivers, AMD for Debian users is not the best choice the latest driver were made in 2015, Debian AMD users share the same driver.. ( )

-Not many people know about how good is Linux Lites even with some minor bugs.

I hope people in the staff would think about it, in 2024 without a strong Social Media, a big community will be forever unknown... so not a possible option to try this OS


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Linux Lite 7.0 Final Released - See Release Announcement Section