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When Might We Expect Linux Lite 2.0?



An excellent example on why it's best to NOT set a specific deadline is the latest version of Lubuntu, 14.04. It went out the door without a Network icon - you have to enable it yourself. Apport (bug reporting) is set up to be enabled by default - which is VERY annoying, especially when no one is going to read the bug reports it sends out anyway.

Also, although it was fixed in an update, GDebi, used to install .deb files, went out broken where it didn't check for and install dependencies - which is why GDebi exists to begin with. Best to wait just a little bit, and spare folks the embarrassment...


You're welcome :)

No pressure and no problem from this end.  Just curious.  This is a great distro and I look forward to seeing what you've added and changed in the new release.  I am nothing more than an end-user, who would like to express sincere thanks to you and the entire Linux Lite team for all of your hard work.  It is noted and most appreciated!

We're working on it everyday at the moment, hope to have a beta out before the end of May :) We generally don't fix dates because it puts to much pressure on people in their everyday lives, we do this for fun and to promote linux as a whole.

I am a big fan of Linux Lite.  Great distro.  Very reliable and very user friendly.  Just curious as to whether there is any kind of projected time line for the release of 2.0!  :D


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