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What makes a good distro great...or not?

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All *I* know to say is to STAY TUNED. There are a number of volunteers here that are learning quickly so that we may help others, and take some of the load off the developers (who are working tirelessly) to fine-tune things, make things easier to use for everyone, and to add enhancements in a way that will not change the principles behind what makes Linux Lite what it is.

Valtam has mentioned this in the past, but Linux Lite is always looking for new talent with coding/debugging experience, to assist them in bringing this Windows alternative to the public...


Hello Valtam,
Thanks for your reply.
It's unfortunate that your opening sentence  includes the words "complain" and " frowned upon". As I said it was not meant to be anythng other than positive feedback and I can't agree that just because something is free feedback can't be given about it.

I am no newbie to Linux and have been around several forums trying to help others were I can. Despite not being a developer I have helped in testing and user-advise where I can. We all do it for no financial reward and it can take a good deal of our time but that is our own decision.

I want to encourage our clients to use LL2 as it really ticks so many boxes and I hope that when I get familiar with it and XFCE I can in turn offer some help for others in return.

I wish you and the other developers well as you have produced something really excellent. Thank you.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that in regard to free software projects, people don't usually complain about support because it can and does happen - it's just kind of frowned upon and I'll give you 4 very good reasons why there can be delays in replies to support requests.

1) Developers do this in their spare time, around families, jobs, other commitments, they do it for love, there is no weekly wage like there is in closed source projects.

2) It depends on the age of the distro and the relative size of the free support community behind it, a new linux distro can be rock solid and well liked, but thats no guarantee there will be a sizeable community behind it - it takes time and people come and go from communities, leaving gaps in the existing support infrastructure until new people come along with a good level of all-round knowledge, and the time to offer it.

3) This particular distro is made up mostly of newbies, they are a deliberate target to show people there are alternatives to proprietary operating systems like Windows and Mac. With such a high concentration of newbies to linux, unlike other distros, we initially lack a large, knowledgeable linux crowd out-of-the-box so to speak.

4) If it's a new problem that hasn't occurred yet, there simply isn't the knowledge to resolve it straight away. No known solution - no timely reply.

It's always hard in the beginning but in time, more people will generously offer their expertise and time. For Linux Lite, that is especially true. What matters above everything else is that in the interim we are having a positive effect on peoples choice of operating system.

Read some of the feedback here - especially from now former Windows users.


Hi Scott,
Really appreciate your quick response.
I'll reply in the On Topic section to keep the flow.

Hi Davesurrey999. I posted a reply to this question. Let us know how it goes.


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