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Could we have Google Authenticator? I might be asking too much...  :)

Got it.  Found the theme change as recommended.
Your awesome btw!   

This has been covered previously, long story short it can't be done without messing up the rest of the Forum. Go into your Profile and choose another skin/theme if you are having problems. Thanks.


Would it be possible the have the:

"Welcome, Guest, Please Login or Register"
"Did you miss your activation email?"
"Login with User Name, Password, and session length"

Text color changed from a dark grey and blue to more an more lighter color?

I am getting old and useless and it is a bit hard to see these days.


Hello Sprintrdriver,

Profile>Forum Profile
Left hand side, title Profile Info>Show Posts


Left of your post, click your nym, then Left hand side, title Profile Info>Show Posts

Another option for selected threads is the button on each thread "Add Bookmark" (located at the top and bottom of each thread), to load any Bookmarked thread titles, click the button "Bookmarks" at top of the page.


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