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I have a few suggestions that might be useful to forum users.

1. Make the Linux Lite logo at the top of the forum a link to the main website. There is already a home button to get back to the forum main page.

2. Make the "Help" button be a link to the online help manual, which should encourage users to use the manual more.

3. There is a broken link to the Linux Lite Shop, which took me to a search page when I clicked it.

Just thought I would mention these as some newer features like the help manual just seem to be overlooked, and I hate to see such a valuable resource not being used.

Excellent suggestions. Shop link is fixed, Help link goes to Help Manual, and for the Home button, I've made it go the the LL home page, seems more intuitive - Home = home page of LL. Well done avj :)

That's much better, Thanks.  :)

Excellent ideas.  Just excellent.

A link to the LinuxLite homepage for the OS, not the forums homepage ? unless i missed it


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