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Suggestions and Feedback for Forum User Friendliness

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Excellent ideas.  Just excellent.

That's much better, Thanks.  :)

Excellent suggestions. Shop link is fixed, Help link goes to Help Manual, and for the Home button, I've made it go the the LL home page, seems more intuitive - Home = home page of LL. Well done avj :)

I have a few suggestions that might be useful to forum users.

1. Make the Linux Lite logo at the top of the forum a link to the main website. There is already a home button to get back to the forum main page.

2. Make the "Help" button be a link to the online help manual, which should encourage users to use the manual more.

3. There is a broken link to the Linux Lite Shop, which took me to a search page when I clicked it.

Just thought I would mention these as some newer features like the help manual just seem to be overlooked, and I hate to see such a valuable resource not being used.


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