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We've discussed this before, the actual css code is to show blue links. If we change it to say white, then all the links in threads will be almost invisible. I'll see if I can change the background as a work around.

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Richard B:
I'm having a problem with seeing the text at the top of the forum - specifically "Show unread posts since last visit" and "Show new replies to your posts" are invisible using my Firefox browser. I have to use View/Page Style and choose "No Style" to see them and then switch back to "Basic Page Style" to get the proper message layout. Checking "Welcome, Guest. Please login or register." and "Did you miss your activation email?" using Chromium the grey on black is difficult to read. Can we have white text there, please?

How about a better search engine?  We used to have one for a while at the bottom (or top?) I think that seemed to be better than what we have.  I find myself searching for something every way I can think of for different wording, not finding what I want; only to write a thread and have someone mention another thread.  :-[

Maybe it's me, but we did have one that did a better one at some point and it would be nice to recover some of that functionality.   

The home links feel intuitive now! Awesome.

Wanted to delete this. Couldn't figure out how.  :-[


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