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As a non-advanced linux user, I always miss an easy grub editing tool out-of-the-box.
Think about it: grub is the first thing we see after installing linux. And in this very first contact, even in Linux Lite, we have to choose between "Ubuntu", "Windows" and other weird options.
And it's not just in the first contact. This is what is shown every single time we turn on the computer.
I know there are already some GUI tools to edit grub available, so why not make use of them as an option on the Control Panel?
A regular "windows user" has never heard about grub, and wouldn't know how to find those tools. Plus, when we google "grub edit", many of the first results are non-friendly command-line instructions.

Thanks for the suggestion. I wonder how many people are actually dual booting vs single boot. I'm worried about including a powerful tool like this as part of the system because it's so easy to mess up your installation. Some people will get curious and tinker with it even if they don't need to. I'd seriously consider adding this tool to Lite Software to make it optional.

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My thoughts....

Choose between "Ubuntu" Windows and any other Linux system in a dual/triple boot or more???
- Something to set the name to Linux Lite?? ?

OR is it more.. grub being displayed anyway .. Maybe a 'Grub Duration Selector' say a 0 for none or 5 seconds or preferred??
Setting to 0 would bypass all together and if needed it could be reset to something longer for a subsequent boot should grub need to be accessed....
- This would work for both Dual booted and LL primary ...


--- Quote ---I wonder how many people are actually dual booting vs single boot
--- End quote ---
Probably a substantial percentage of the people still using Windows 7.
As far as any tool it should be limited to: name changing to Linux Lite, which system boots first, hide or show grub. Going beyond that would definitely lead to minor and major problems for new uninitiated users. 

As a new Linux user and one who dual boots Windows 7 home premium and Linux Lite 5.8 on a Compaq Presario CQ56 that is 11 years old I have zero problems with the grub menu.  The boot time from hitting restart in Windows to Linux Lite is 2:56, start up into Linux Lite is 1:30 but this just might be my machine and the age as I really have nothing to compare it to.  I am very used to the menu now and I like how it works, and it worked right from the download of Linux Lite 5.4 to install.  I appreciate all of the hard work that goes into Linux Lite to make it easy for those like me to keep using my favorite laptop for as long as I can, I use Linux Lite for almost everything I do everyday and find it disappointing when I have to use Windows as it is so slow compared to LL. 

Thanks to all
God Bless Texas


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