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Upgrade to LL 6.2

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Upgrade to LL 6.2
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2022, 10:08:03 AM »


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Hello everyone,

I recently upgraded my desktop from LL 5.8 to LL 6.2 and i would like to point out that i was amazed. So much more responsive and fluid UI. Also things that i instantly noticed that got fixed:
  • Using the Super key to open the menu now its almost instant
  • Using Super+L to lock screen now works, previously i had to first press Super+L and then click one time with mouse to work

The only thing i noticed and didn't like but i can live without is Firefox. I gave snap a chance for Firefox but soon i will switch to a static build.
After upgrading my browser i went ahead and did 3 more installation of LL 6.2 and i found a bug which i will open a different topic about. Mostly my experience was amazing and it continues being amazing. Plus i managed to pull another Windows user into the beautiful world of GNU/Linux  :027:
Keep up the great work Jerry and everyone who contributes to this project.


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Linux Lite 7.0 RC1 Released - See Release Announcement Section