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No problem. We ALL need a good rant every now and then.

Having been there myself, I really DO understand your frustration with Ubuntu/Linux right now. Though it's come a long way in the last several years, that's still the bad thing about it at the present time. At times, you still have to tweak it some yourself to get it set up right. It CAN be QUITE frustrating, but if you persevere, hit the search engines for possible solutions, and try them out, at the end of the day, you'll be surprised at how much you can learn about it all.

What kept me away from Linux for the longest time was getting tired of having to try and 'figure out' how to make peripherals work. Hardware support was the one thing that had to be addressed to bring Linux into the realm of the masses, and from what I've experienced, Ubuntu pretty much had everything to do with that.

Unless someone who is more of an expert than I weighs in, it sounds like the best solution for your Chrome issues would be to just uninstall Firefox. That would eliminate the confusion about which browser's in charge.
Fortunately, it's not like a Windows Update situation, where a particular browser is required to get OS updates. I would suggest perhaps reinstalling Firefox later, but I've tried that with Chromium in Lubuntu, and as soon as I reinstalled Chromium (the open-source version of Chrome), it wanted to 'be in charge' again.

It's good that there are so many people here with some prior background in Linux who have embraced Linux Lite. It has a structure and many features unique to it and it alone, yet many of the issues addressed here apply to pretty much any form of Ubuntu - or Linux in general.

I hope someone else will speak up - someone who can be of more assistance than I can be to you right now...


Thanks for the reply - Sorry for my rant but I am getting very frustrated with all the problems I have been having in Windows 7 which is why I am trying Linux. But only to find on top of the learning curve of a new system I am getting lots of new problems one after another. I have spent about !5 full days trying to get things as I want and I am not out of the woods yet ? ! $ %

Re -Chrome not being able to be  set as my default browser when I press "Help " etc   have tried what you suggested without success .
The problem seams to be that Chrome cannot be seen as I get "Failed to execute child process "/home/Colin/Desktop/google-chrome.desktop" (Permission denied). After I get this notice I get stuck with my wrong option until I reset it in Preferred Applications .



If Chrome itself has not asked you to be the default browser itself, have you tried Menu > Settings > Settings Manager > Preferred Applications to change the default browser to Chrome? If that fails, if you remove Firefox, Chrome should then become the default browser.

It took Microsoft roughly fifteen years to get Windows from its humble beginnings to XP. Ubuntu has been in active development for over a decade, and has only recently became anything resembling user-friendly. Linux Mint is just now going into its 17th edition. By comparison, Linux Lite has been around for, what, two years or so now?

Unlike Ubuntu, LL is not developed and supported by people with deep pockets. Given the wide variety of hardware out there, and the fact that many manufacturers will not support their devices in Linux, I, for one, am surprised that everything works as well in Linux as it does.

At this moment, NO Linux OS functions EXACTLY like XP. That would probably be considered copyright infringement. This distro just happens to be the one that comes closest to using layman's terms and scripting to make everything as easy as possible for the uninitiated. After all, you can't beat the price.

As lessons are learned and user ideas implemented, things WILL get better. However, it IS a process...


I clicked on Help in Bluetooth Devices and was connected to -- . If I click on Help Manual it takes me to Linux-Lite manual  but if I Click on Forum I was taken to -- .

Please could someone arrange for the  links to be updated to the correct Site.

As a New user from Windows I do not find the Manual very informative or Linux very user friendly when I experience problems of which I have had too many . Trawling through lots of Topics many of  which often get out of hand and then fail to give an answer or give complicated command line options  .
As Linux-lite is supposed to be  an alternative to Windows XP etc  I did not expect to have to learn Commands to resolve problems . As a 70 year old learning tends to become harder.

I have read other peoples comments that what they want is an Operating System that works behind the scenes to make the necessary connections between the Computer Hardware and the needs of the Program Software  so they can complete the task they want to achieve easily and not have to spend days sorting out the operating system faults first .

Currently I have yet to resolve :-
(1) the Number Lock forced on in Lite but not in Mint (when I tried that)
(2) Cannot get Crome browser as default
(3) Bluetooth device pairing but not connecting to Headset option

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