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Public channel for LL updates


Hello, there is no need to register for updates via Social Media. All of our announcements are publicly available, without registration on the Forums, Twitter, Facebook etc. Anything we do announce regarding updates, usually gets covered by the Press too so you will never miss out on important information.

Hi there ! First of all, I am not a english-speaker, then sorry for any language mistake.

Yesterday the Elon Musk's Twitter blocked the visit WITHOUT register of profiles and posts from the site  through the official channel ( or third-party apps and sites (like Twidere or Nitter, the front-end I use to bring the Twitter feeds to my RSS reader, Liferea, on my Linux device).

Once the Linux Lite only uses the Twitter to share software updates (until what I know rn), could the developers, or even the comunity of users, build up a public channel for LL updates ? It could be, for instance, whether a "blog" in this domain or a profile on Mastodon, some kind of place don't requires register to access it.

Thank you for the attention. I am loving the experience of use this little Linux buddy on my 10 y.o. laptop, but this gap on the communication is downing it. Bye for now !


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